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台灣藝術家 歲月輪廓 III 畫作

台灣 石膏 礦物顏料
江耿慧 @gengeng.studio
50F ( 120×90 cm )

打破平面的畫作 創造出立體線條
於是 在光影中就多了另一個空間感
表層塗料 微微透出的底色
顏料的堆疊 刮痕 毛邊
如同路上褪色的木料 斑駁的鐵門

Taiwan, Plaster, Mineral Pigments
Chiang Geng Hui @gengeng.studio
50F ( 120×90 cm )

Paintings that break the plane create three-dimensional lines
There is another sense of space in the light and shadow
Top coat Slightly revealing base color
Paint buildup scratches burrs
Like faded wood on the road, mottled iron gate
Leave traces of time.

Price Upon Request