French Oak Side Table

法 國 橡 木 邊 桌

法國 , 橡木
Ø62 H60 cm
以橡木為材 拼接成桌面
質感溫潤 色澤樸實
擺上藝術品 擺件
無論商空中陳列 展示
或是邊桌 花檯桌使用

French , Oak
Ø62 H60 cm
Made of oak wood and spliced ​​into a desktop
Side table designed with storage space
Simple and elegant minimalist geometric design
Overall proportions are light and beautiful
Paired with light brown paint and leather case
Warm texture and earthy color
Put up art objects
Regardless of commercial or air display
Or use it as a side table or flower table
They are all very eye-catching and eye-catching.
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