French Jeannie Dumesnil Abstract Painting

法國 Jeannie Dumesnil 抽象派畫作

法國 ,油畫
L 101 W 101 cm

為法國女性藝術家 Jeannie Dumesnil 的作品
抽象型式 意境深遠
在二維的畫布中 置入三維空間
並以 淡 灰 紫 賦予色彩
畫面柔和細緻 寧靜柔美
陳列於空間主牆 端景處 廊道
不同氛圍 不同風格 不同感受.

France, Oil painting
L 101 W 101 cm

Found in France
Works by French female artist Jeannie Dumesnil
Putting a three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional canvas
Use a paintbrush to draw beautiful lines
And give color with light gray and purple
Presenting different levels of tones and beauty
The picture is soft and delicate, quiet and gentle
Suitable for display on the main wall of the space, end view, corridor
Different atmosphere, styles and feelings

Price Upon Request