French File Storage Cabinet


法國 櫻桃木
L 80 W 42 H 163 cm

上層亦有玻璃展示空間 擺放用品
櫃面與前側鑲上鏡子 明亮而精緻
把手五金為玻璃 切面與氣泡光澤優美
抽屜內層板為白膜玻璃 更顯輕盈
轉動上鎖後 不只將第一層抽屜鎖上
特別設計的機關 會讓整排抽屜皆上鎖

France, Cherry Wood
L 80 W 42 H 163 cm

Early use for dental clinics
Multiple drawers for storing files and equipment
There is a glass display space on the upper
Cabinettop and fronts with mirrors bright and refined
Glass of handle has beautiful cut surface
The inner layer of the drawer is white film glass
Top drawer with key attached
After turning the lock, not only the first drawer is locked
A specially designed mechanism locks the entire row of drawers
The overall structure is solid and well preserved.

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