French 19th Wall-Mounted Demilunes Table

法國 19th 壁 掛 展 示 台

法國 , 楓木
L36 W19 H41
此展示台 形式獨特 狀態優美
以楓木為材 整體 質樸素雅
擺上藝術品 花器等

French , Maple
L36 W19 H41
This display stand features a unique design and elegant appearance
Crafted from maple wood
it exudes a simple yet refined quality
The tabletop showcases the natural beauty of wood knots and inlaid wood
embodying exquisite craftsmanship
Its functionality is enhanced by the addition of a small drawer
perfect for displaying art pieces
vases, and other decorative items
making it a standout feature in any space.