| SOLD OUT | French 1920s Art Deco Wrought Iron Pendants Lighting

法國 Art Deco 鍛鐵吊燈

法國 1920s 鍛鐵
L 39 W 39 H 80 cm

美麗 Art Deco 鍛鐵吊燈
配上 4 個造型玻璃燈罩
鍛鐵表面 獨特的細節
罕見 且另人驚艷.

France, 1920s, Wrought Iron
L 39 W 39 H 80 cm

Beautiful, art wrought iron pendants lighting
Forging Black wrought iron frame
With 4 glass modeling lampshade
Amazing chandelier stand detail
Rare and unique stunning.

Price Upon Request