France 19th Mahogany Long Table

法國 19th 桃花心木長桌

法國 , 桃花心木
L 228 W 65 H 78 cm
橘棕色的原漆 搭配油亮的皮殼
木紋清晰 狀態相當良好
可作為家中的餐桌 工作桌
或當作商業空間中的展示桌 更是大器

French , Mahogany
L 228 W 65 H 78 cm
The proportion is relatively rare
A very attractive long table
Orange-brown original paint with shiny leather case
The wood grain is clear and in good condition
Simple and neat lines
Not too much complicated decoration
Pull-out drawers on both sides
Can be used as a dining table or work table at home
Or as a display table in a commercial space

Price Upon Request

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