Contour of years II

台灣藝術家 歲月輪廓II 畫作

台灣 石膏 礦物顏料 壓克力板
12F ( 50 x 60 cm )

透過不斷堆疊 混合 創造質地的變化
畫中突出的矩形 邊緣刻意的手感
在環境 光影 質地的變化下

Taiwan, Plaster, Mineral Pigments, Acrylic on board
Chiang Geng Hui
12F ( 50 x 60 cm )

Create texture changes by stacking and mixing
Be more than just a color presentation
The prominent rectangle in the painting
Edge is keep hand-painted texture deliberately
Under the change of environment, light, shadow and texture
Bring the picture into a deeper level and inspiration.

Price Upon Request