| SOLD OUT |1970s George Nakashima Style Conoid Chairs

1970s George Nakashima 風格圓錐椅

美國 , 胡桃木
L 45 D 47 H 110 S 49 cm

George Nakashima風格
整體結構成自然斜角度 視覺效果上如同一個圓錐體
椅座採懸壁設計 並刨削出微微的凹面
椅座 椅腳的接合使用傳統木工技法

USA , Walnut, Hickory
L 45 D 47 H 110 S 49 cm

George Nakashima style
The overall structure is at a natural oblique angle
The visual effect is like a cone
Embody a sense of firm and balanced lines
The seat is cantilevered and planed with a slight concave surface
Backrest in resilient walnut
Seat legs are joined using traditional woodworking techniques
The legs of the chair slide on the floor like a sled
It is a rare collectible furniture.

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